My name is Brett. I run this blog.

This website is an experiment. You see, I want to build a business, but to date I haven’t had enough success to achieve my financial goals or achieved vision of what that looks like. So what does that mean? I’ve got try a whole bunch more stuff and learn more until something takes off. This blog will document this pursuit.

As part of the business experiment that is 500aMonth.com, I’ll be building tools designed to solve some common problems of home-based entrepreneurs. My hope is that I’m able to solve some of the business or technical problems you might be having. If I do a good job, all this problem solving and value creation will translate into an audience. That’s the master plan anyway. But I’ve got some work to do before I get there.

This website is about honesty. If I try something and it works, I’m going to write about it as accurately as I can. If I do something that doesn’t work, I’ll give it to you straight as well. Hopefully you’ll learn something from these experiences… or at the very least find them entertaining.

If this is your first time visiting thank you! I’ve got Facebook and Twitter setup if you would like to talk or ask questions. I hope you like what you see here and I’m excited to see what this little blog can become. – Brett

What You’ll Find on 500aMonth.com:

Note: A few of these are in development right now and should be completed in just a couple of short weeks.

Blog: On the blog I’ll be writing on a wide-range of issues from the things I’m thinking about, war stories building up my business, marketing tests or anything else I think is interesting on a given day. Of course, I’ll try to veer the content toward home-based entrepreneurship as much as possible.

Authority Architect: This is in development. Have a complex product or service takes time to explain? If you’re in real estate, insurance sales, internet marketing or network marketing you can probably relate to this problem. Instead of repeating the same information over and over again to prospects, why not send them through an automated video sales process that establishes you as an authority while educating potential customers. Authority Architect is a custom tool that can help you accomplish just that: Educate prospects and establish you as the expert. This tool is still in beta and I’d appreciate any feedback. I’ll be adding features as they are requested by visitors like you.

This is where I’m going to store my marketing training modules. When I run tests on different platforms like Twitter or Facebook and it warrants more of a comprehensive training, I’ll post it here. Note: I’ll only be posting videos that explain exactly how I use a marketing service or tool and show you the type of results I’ve gotten with it. There are a lot of ways to market a home business online, hopefully my trial and error will at the very least save you some time testing things that don’t work as advertised.

Learn My Business: Want to learn this website’s sales funnel, how I’m monetizing this website or capturing leads? Then head to the Learn My Business tab where you can get a look at the guts of this website and find out how this website makes money.