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How to Get Published on Mashable, BusinessInsider and More in 2013

Reader beware. This is a long post. But I think it’s worth reading. Here’s why:

You’ll understand the difference between old-school and new school guest posting tactics
You’ll learn how to get published on huge authority sites like Mashable.com (even if you’re a “nobody“)
You’ll get advice from guest contributors that have been…

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Have you always dreamed of being able to run your own business? Perhaps the idea of making your own decisions, creating your own work schedule, and being your own boss are extremely appealing to you. If this is the case and you are seriously considering taking steps towards launching your own small business from home, then there are some things that you should be aware of before you make it official. By knowing what to expect from running a business from home, you will have the best chances of success in the long run. Tax Implications First and foremost, in running a business from home, you should be aware of the tax implications that this can have. In most cases, this can work to your advantage and entitle you to a pretty significant tax break, but this is generally only the case if you have a specific room or space in your home that is solely dedicated to your business. An example of this could be a home office. In these cases, you could actually be entitled to write off that portion of your rent or mortgage when it comes time to do your taxes, which can save you a lot of money in the long term. Furthermore, you may also be able to write off business expenses such as phone and Internet bills, but only the portion of which you use to conduct your business. Homeowner’s Insurance Aside from tax implications, you should also be aware that you will [...]


Reader beware. This is a long post. But I think it’s worth reading. Here’s why: You’ll understand the difference between old-school and new school guest posting tactics You’ll learn how to get published on huge authority sites like Mashable.com (even if you’re a “nobody“) You’ll get advice from guest contributors that have been featured on websites like BusinessInsider.com and Mashable.com. Trust me, you’ve never heard of any of these guys before. Sound good? Let’s go. Old School Guest Posting Here’s the traditional way that we’ve been taught to identify a guest posting opportunity: Go to Google. Search you main keywords + guest post Compile a list of blogs that accept guest posts on this topic Check the PageRank and look at backlinks for blogs using a tool like OpenSite Explorer Write the bare minimum quality post that will be accepted by the blog as quickly as possible Submit post and move on to the next blog Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. This is exactly how I learned to guest post. It’s probably the same way many of you have learned how to do it as well. The problem with the old way of getting links from tons of lower-value blogs is that it doesn’t have the same level of rank boosting “umph” it did pre-Panda within search engines even as short as a year ago. Traditionally, the whole point of guest posting (for me and a large percentage my ethically questionable internet marketing friends) was all about getting the link. Quality of [...]


If you’re an entrepreneur that manages the logistics of your business out of the home, sensitive information about your personal and business finances like expenses, revenue, credit card numbers and other data is often concentrated within a single room of the house: The home office. While having a centralized location makes things simpler for the solopreneur to manage, storing all that information in one location can make you more exposed in the event of a theft, natural disaster, or other unforeseen event. If you find yourself storing paper invoices in a plastic filing cabinet (like I used to) or maintaining accounting information on your hard drive, this article is for you. While going through this process will require a few extra hours of effort to organize and protect your business, doing so will help ensure your wealth and hard work is protected from theft, fire, or other unexpected events. What To Do About It A lot of security experts in the field would suggest a home security system. There are tons of sites out there that offer protection for those worried about their home offices and you can click here or simply do a search. However, there are other ways to prevent the information in your home office from being compromised. Leverage the Cloud: If you’re keeping all of your accounting files on your hard drive, you’re business is at risk. Not only could a hard drive crash wipe away years of documentation, but it could leave you in a [...]


This week I submitted a total of 31 guest posts to internet marketing blogs. That’s right… 31 posts. I’m not going to lie, writing this many posts is exhausting. After knocking out the first 20 posts at a steady clip, I got pretty burned out and hit a huge wall. I didn’t have trouble thinking of topics to write about, but I was having a tough time writing anything interesting on those topics. I was able to blaze through the first 20 posts in just two weeks, but it would take me another 3 weeks to grind out the final 11. After writing the 31 posts, I thought that submitting them to different blogs would be the easy part. Far from it this process has also been grueling as well. Each of the blogs I submitted to has their own unique set of publication guidelines. Some want you to email the post in a Word doc, some in a .txt file, others require that you sign up for a WordPress account and submit through a dashboard. It takes time to figure out the subtleties of submitting to each blog. A challenge that I overlooked initially. Fortunately, I’ve been able to powered through the process and just hit the send button on my final guest post submission. (The next fun step will be finding out how many of these posts I will need to resubmit or rewrite.) In the coming weeks and months, I’ll posting the results of this experiment as [...]


The Average Business Trap

by Brett on March 2, 2013

// // This is a guest post was written Melanie Burgess on behalf of www.capiota.co.uk. If you’re interested in contributing read the guest post requirements here. If there’s one thing that most people want to avoid in life, it’s being mediocre. When it comes to business, this is especially bad and something that needs to be avoided at all costs. The ‘average business trap’, as it’s so often called is when a business lands some place in between being very successful and failing miserably. When a business goes either of those routes, you’re going to know about it – no questions asked. But when you’re in the middle ground? Then you often go unnoticed. This is a hard place for the owner to be because your situation isn’t so bad that you need to toss in the towel and cease the business entirely, yet you aren’t turning a profit that you would like to be – and in some cases, enough profit to really be making a good living for yourself from the business. When your business fails, you may break down, but you learn from it and are forced to build yourself back up stronger in the future if you want to continue to be in business. When you’re lingering in the middle ground though, the urge to improve upon yourself is not nearly as strong and as such, you don’t make the growth moves that you should be. So what can be done to avoid the average business [...]


Now Accepting Guest Posts on Home Business / MLM

by Brett on February 23, 2013

Due to strong reader interest I’m planning to run a test publishing high-quality content from guest contributors over the next 2 – 3 months. If the submissions I start receiving are of high quality, I will turn this into a longer standing opportunity. If you’re interested in contributing, thank you in advance just be read to read through the contributor guidelines below. In general, I’m looking for content that is genuinely unique and based on your personal experience. In other words, I prefer content about something that you’ve tried and tested, not a list of the top 5 reasons I should use social media. Got that? If you’re up to it read through the details below. Submission Guidelines What you get: All guest posters will receive 1 branded reference to their website (.i.e. www.yourwebsite.com) and 1 link to a social media profile. Exposure to a growing audience of readers. Submission Requirements: – You must complete two of the following (This will be used to verify that you are a real person with real profiles. I will also link back to one of your profiles.) Follow me on Google+: https://plus.google.com/110823248848843183463/ Follow me on Twitter: @brettalanseo “Like” my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/500amonth – Content must be topically relevant to home business, MLM, remote work, online marketing, lead generation, stuff like that. Again, I’m looking for content that expresses your personality, not typically looking for top 5 lists or other rehashed content. – 450 words in length minimum. – Must promote your post and [...]


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